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Lidcombe is one of the oldest suburbs in Sydney. It is approximately 20km west of the Sydney CBD. Traditionally, Lidcombe is a working-class suburb and is part of Sydney, which in itself is a dynamic city with a wide variety of manmade and natural attractions.

Lidcombe has good transporation links, mainly because it is the junction of three main railway lines - one to the Richmond/Emu Plains line, the Bankstown line and the Liverpool line.

Interestingly, Lidcombe is next to Rookwood Cemetery, being called Rookwood in the early days but soon after the locals wanted to change the town's name. After much discussions and disagreement, they finally decided to combine the previous mayor and current mayor's last names: Larcombe and Lidbury. Thus Lidcombe was born.

Lidcombe has established itself as a home to Major Industries.

There are more than 300 restaurants and cafes offering exceptional cuisine from around the world plus a variety of Nightclubs, clubs and hotels in and around Lidcombe.

Nearby World-class sporting and recreational facilities draw National and International Teams all year round to play and compete.

An extensive range of accommodation is also available to suit all budgets.

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